I bet you didn’t know: 5 facts about the Dyusha Metyolkin

Спорим, вы не знали: 5 фактов о Дюше Метелкине

6 October resident of Comedy Club TNT Andrey Minin, who is better known as the leader of the group USB Dyusha Metelkin, 35 years old. The editors of Woman’s Day remember five interesting facts from the biography of Duchamp.

O lucky man!

Metelkin is the first and only rapper, who performs every week with Garik Martirosyan. About this duet is a dream of many, but only lucky this guy.

The king of glamour

Only Duchamp is the most glamorous points in show business, made entirely of rhinestones. Through them it is visible nothing, but they are so stylish that lover Anastasia Volochkova Shine daily weeping bitter tears of envy.


On stage Duchamp can turn like crazy and be the life and soul of the company, as in real life Metelkin sad melancholic who would prefer a fun get-together, romantic dinner with my wife Ksenia.

Uncle Styopa

The growth of Duchamp is almost two meters, so the bullies always eluded him, and the children were asked to get the Sparrow. If not for the Comedy Club Metelkin would be an outstanding basketball player, but a sense of humor took over.

Full HLS

For its 35th anniversary Duchamp became an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He quit Smoking, alcohol bypasses the party and active in sports. Even on your birthday Metelkin chose champagne lemonade, and before you celebrate the holiday, did 5K on the treadmill in the gym.

“For me this is a serious date, so the ranks of big plans for the future, the 35th anniversary I called five minutes to forty – shared Duchamp. — Hopefully soon the TNT audience will see my attempts to leave behind anything more than clips USB. Of course, it will be associated with a sense of humor with Comedy Club”.

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