Kurban Omarov showed how Borodin looks at home

Курбан Омаров показал, как Бородина выглядит дома

The husband of TV presenter shared with fans of incredibly cute video.

Leading “House-2” does not like to put pictures of Pets. It often puts the network personnel with a professional fotossesiya or selfie.

But, to the delight of fans, teledive a husband Kurban Omarov, who does not hide anything from Internet users… the other day he, for example, posted a very cute video with Ksenia and children.

Video Borodin in a homemade t-shirt with a ridiculous “tail” looks with Mary and Omar (the son of the husband from first marriage) live on your phone. Marusya fooling around and trying on the sweater on the head, Omar, laughing, eating something. And after the children run to play in the yard.

“Childhood”, – said Omarov.

By the way, thanks to this video blog Kurban has become incredibly popular. Before I met Ksenia a businessman was not 100 subscribers, now for the life of the star of the family on the page follow nearly 900 thousand people.

In addition to photos of his wife and children lobster often shares with fans of philosophical stories. And fans for Xenia just happy that she got not only caring, but also incredibly smart husband.

We will remind, in the summer, the celebrity couple had briefly broken up. Moreover, She complained of adultery. But judging by schastlivom persons in the video, all problems is certainly left behind. And now the couple are happy in the new country house Omarova.

Video published Kurban Omarov (@zimamoscow) Oct 6 2016 4:25 PDT