Gulkin rescued a dog left for dead on the road

Гулькина спасла пса, которого бросили умирать на дороге

The singer pulled the dog from under the wheels of the car.

The other day near the house of the actress was an accident. Natalia came out of her house, and suddenly heard a thud, and then a plaintive dog yelp. When I saw the dog under the wheels of cars, gulkin immediately rushed to help.

As it turned out, the dog suddenly ran across the road from the Park, and the girl who was driving the car, just no time to slow down. How would a sensitive man? At least I would come out of the machine. But the lady was very hurried and not even got out of the car… gulkin rushed to the dog, gathered passers-by. Natalia and her friend helped load the dog into the car, a man even put the money on treatment.

In a veterinary clinic the dog had x-rays and ultrasound. The dog suffered greatly, he had beaten off the internal organs. Most of Natalia’s home menagerie – hosted three cats, so pick up the dog after treatment was impossible. Yes, and four-legged was obviously not a hobo. Only here where to find the owners? The dog had to stay in the hospital. But the singer has thrown a call in social networks. And the next day found… the real masters of the tailed beasts! A dog named White got lost during a walk, the family had not hoped that he will return home.

“Lucky went home, wrote Natalia in his microblog. — The fuse is a dog in your heart, may God grant him more not to get lost. Thanks to all the caring people who love each other!”

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