Gifts to the President

Подарки президенту To please Vladimir Putin, Svetlana Sofronova from the village mesyagutovo, Bashkortostan, dreams of long ago.

    For 20 years, the skilled needlewoman, in addition to crochet and knitting, has mastered six kinds of embroidery, bobbin and spool lace, and now even weaves patterns on its own figures-skolka. Folk artist (that was the title she wanted to award, but out of modesty she refused, wanted to get a Straight line with the President, telling how six months had embroidered for him, his “Revival of Russia” (21 coil expensive imported thread is gone, “I them in their time of potatoes traded”). But she said, “who are you!”

    A surprise for the President: what has become of “live” gifts of Vladimir Putin

    And the birthday of Vladimir Putin, Svetlana Dmitrievna under the chime maple – the most melodious of their bobbins says that she trusts the President: “I Like that he kept the emotions very well read man (my village name is also a walking encyclopedia)”. And the master of Golden hands, in addition to the “Revival of Russia”, wants to convey to the President a shawl-a shawl, socks and a hat, a jacket and two work surface and the smallest cross.

    Svetlana Dmitrievna is with pleasure that I would have presented to Vladimir Putin and flowers from our own garden – some peonies and lilies on a plot of more than 40 kinds, and so many medicinal plants for all diseases! Mail your gifts “honored master of lace”, and this title, she considers, just for her to send not solved. I wrote a letter to the editor, asking for advice on how to be.