Elena Lyadova was the Soviet beauty

Елена Лядова стала советской красавицей  The famous actress tried on the image of the great Patriotic war for the film “Nevsky Pyatachok”. With her the film starred Paul Priluchny, a character who tries to change the past.

      Елена Лядова стала советской красавицей

      “United Russian studios” is in full swing working on a new movie, tentatively called “Nevsky Pyatachok” of the production Studio KIT and the Central partnership Production, in which the main role will be performed by the actor Paul Priluchny.

      The famous “C” will appear in an unusual role for himself – businessman Michael, who is going to develop a sand pit on the place of fighting, but suddenly his character caught the vision, and he will be transferred during the great Patriotic war, where they will meet with their relatives and try to change the past.

      “This story is interesting to me that the film is quite Patriotic, and it will make people think about our grandparents, to think about and remember war, the echoes of which we hear so far,” says Priluchny.
      Елена Лядова стала советской красавицей

      Contrary to the expectations of fans Priluchnogo, it will not appear in the movie in uniform – on the set he was seen in the modern classic suit driving tyuningovogo cars orange.

      But we will see one of the main beauties of the Russian movie Elena in This unusual role. Apparently, it will be one of the distant relatives Priluchnogo, which is overtaken by the visions of his past. On the set Lyadova appeared in elegant beret and a long white coat. It is worth noting that she looks very pretty in this style. During one scene, when Liadov effectively comes hand in hand with actor Igor Sklar, colleagues in the picture praised her grace and posture.

      Елена Лядова стала советской красавицей

      The work on the tape took place within the walls of the pavilion “United Russian studios” to the giant “green background” (chroma key – approx. ed.), to specialists then you could finish a variety of complex visual effects, which, on assurance of the Director of a picture Dmitry Tyurin, also didn’t see the Russian audience.

      “I would really want to after watching this film the young people coming out of the cinema, came to his grandparents and asked them about life, about military years, about what was before them. So they learned about their roots, yet have anyone to ask about it. When we not let those roots to recover, you will not understand where we are, we will not be able to move on. If you came out of nowhere, and come in anywhere”, – says Dmitry Tyurin.