Leonid Yarmolnik explained why he disappeared from the TV screens

Леонид Ярмольник объяснил, почему исчез с телеэкранов The artist has criticised modern TV. According to Leonid Yarmolnik, most of the programs that are ether too low. Presenter and actor expressed his dissatisfaction with the characters and themes.
Леонид Ярмольник объяснил, почему исчез с телеэкранов

Recently Leonid Yarmolnik very rarely appears on TV. While on tour in Yekaterinburg with new year’s show, actor and presenter, gave an interview to local journalists. The actor spoke about how it relates to contemporary theatre and television.

Reporters asked Yarmolnik, what is their role after the movie “Hard to be God” Director Alexei German, he believes the most interesting. “No,” was a categorical actor. According to Leonid Isaakovich, he deliberately limited his participation in various projects, including TV programs. The artist believes that in modern society many things have changed. Yarmolnik sharply criticized the state TV. He was not happy with the quality and topics of the programs that show on the air.

“I’m now reduced to appearing on TV, including the talk shows. Just can’t participate in them. Changed language, changed morals, now she doesn’t conform to my beliefs. The limit of what is possible and what is not, fell through the floor. Now tell who lives with whom, who stole what from whom… For me it is not interesting, so I go on television just in case, if you know that will bring real benefits. In General, the television has become a latrine, which come to snout to Shine. I don’t want,” said Yarmolnik.
Леонид Ярмольник объяснил, почему исчез с телеэкранов

According to the artist, for the last time, he did not receive real suggestions on the set. The actor also said that almost not watching domestic series. Leonid Isaakovich believes that the TV cook only one or two standing project in a year, and the rest start to fill it with something live. Recently, the actor looked “Trotsky” with Konstantin Khabensky, Maxim Matveev, Evgeniy Stychkin and Sergey Bezrukov. Yarmolnik was pleased with the high level of serial movie.

Note that in Ekaterinburg Leonid Isaakovich was presented the play “And again with the coming”. In addition to Yarmolnik, the project is busy with Nikolai Fomenko. The plot of the play the famous TV presenter and producer Cyril Zander learns that he left his wife and daughter. The showman decides to celebrate the New year alone on the landing. Suddenly on a visit to Cyril comes Santa Claus. He is a classmate of the protagonist…

During the meeting with journalists Leonid Yarmolnik told about Christmas traditions. According to the artist, it has no special customs. The actor admitted that he believes 31 December family holiday. So every time tries to surprise the grandchildren who believe in miracles, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.