Дочь актера Алексея Шейнина умерла от онкологического заболевания The actor of the theater named Yermolova celebrates its anniversary: it was 70 years. Alexei Sheynin frankly told reporters about his personal life. According to star, two years ago, he lost his heir to Eugene, who was born in his marriage with Nelly Millet.
Дочь актера Алексея Шейнина умерла от онкологического заболевания

December 18, people’s artist of Russia Alexei Sanino turned 70. Viewers know him through the work in the film “the Criminal Quartet” and the TV series “the Nine unknown” and “Queen Margot”. The first wife of Alexei Igorevich was the actress Nelly Millet, who bore him a daughter Eugenia. Scheinin second wife was a French woman, Annie, the couple have been together for about 25 years.

On the eve of the anniversary of Alexey I. gave the interview, which talked about why did not work his first marriage. Despite the fact that he broke up with Millet, they continue to maintain a good relationship. The actor tries to help his ex-wife.

“So it happened that Nellie fell in love with my friend, the actor of Yuri Demich. I gave my wife three days to think. It is now, I would have forgiven her, but then in 33 many have not realized. Although wasn’t a Saint and he cheated on her… Nelly – native to me the man I her life to help. Recently gave money for eye surgery”, – said Alexey Igorevich.
Дочь актера Алексея Шейнина умерла от онкологического заболевания

Marriage Scheinin and Millet lasted seven years. Ex-lover, the actor was able to make friends with his current girl. By the way, the couple’s daughter Eugenia did the parents twice a grandmother and a grandfather. During a recent conversation with journalists Alexey I. shared that his successor died after a struggle with a serious illness.

“Our daughter Zhenya, I never forget to always support. Two years ago she passed away from cancer, the daughter was my most favorite woman in the world. Still don’t know how I survived her death… Nelly I got married, devoted himself to his daughter, and now granddaughters. She has the main role of the grandma, although she is a fine actress,” said Scheinin.

Oldest granddaughter Polina wants to be a journalist. According to the actor, she auditioned for the specialized school at MSU. He is genuinely proud of the girl and considers her beautiful. The youngest daughter of Eugenia Anastasia plans to follow in the footsteps of grandparents and was preparing to become an actress. “To talk will not work”, – said Alexey Igorevich.

According to rumors, Scheinin had an affair with Irina Vitorgan, but the actor has denied such speculation. Current wife Alexei Igorevich Annie – twice French champion in show jumping. When the artist met his future wife, he was experiencing a difficult period. “I had a terrible state of mind, and even hypertensive crisis,” – says Scheinin. Annie took care of the beloved. First, a few spoke English, and then fiancee Alexei Igorevich learned Russian, writes “Express Gazeta”.