Вячеслав Манучаров переживает утрату экс-супруги Actor and TV presenter announced the sad news. Died his ex-wife Victoria Seliverstova gave Manucharova daughter Arina. The actor broke up with the daughter of a doctor a few years ago.

Vyacheslav said in his Instagram that attend ex-wife Victoria Seliverstova. In October 2011 she gave birth to actor’s daughter Arina. According to Manucharov, Victoria died as a result of a stroke. Vyacheslav has made it clear that I am very saddened of what happened. Ex-wife of the actor was thirty years old.

“How unpredictable life is, today I said goodbye to my ex-wife, the mother of my eldest daughter, who suddenly passed away from a stroke. She was 29 years old. Thank you for being in my life. You are forever in my heart. Take care of each other. No one knows what awaits us tomorrow,” wrote the leading social networks.

Followers of Vyacheslav brought him condolences. “Kingdom of heaven”, “I’m sorry”, “Let them rest in peace”, “Stay”, “in memory of”, “This is so unfair”, “Too soon… take care daughter,” “How awful, when you take young people,” began to write in the comments of the post artist.

First wife of Vyacheslav Manucharov studied at MGMU named after Sechenov. Victoria – the daughter of a famous doctor Alexander Seliverstov. When an artist met a girl, she was still at University. Wedding Vyacheslav and Victoria took place in April 2010. A few days later after Manucharov celebrated its 29th anniversary, fiancee gave birth to his heir Arina.

After the birth of girls Seliverstova started to look for a nanny for the baby to hurry back to business as usual. Manucharov first marriage did not last long – only a year. Vyacheslav’s career started to go uphill, so he tried not to refuse tempting offers. Due to permanent employment, the actor was rarely at home, which caused the displeasure of his wife. As a result, the husband and wife began to quarrel, and soon the couple broke up.

According to some reports, Victoria is restricted to Vyacheslav communication with her daughter. Manucharov’s second wife was an American of Russian origin Dora Nadezhdin. She lives in new York and works as a pediatrician. They say that the future husband and wife met at one wedding, which was led by Vyacheslav.

In March 2015, the beloved star gave him the heiress of Nina. Manucharov was concealed from the public the news about the upcoming addition to the family. Journalists saw the actor walking with Nina in Central Park. In January 2017 the man again became the father of Dora gave birth to his son Daniel.