Леонид Якубович в пух и прах разнес собственное шоу «Поле чудес» The permanent host of the legendary capital of the First channel show to tell the called program stupid. In addition, Leonid Yakubovich, who for almost 30 years is still a popular transmission, and remembered not the smartest participants of the “Field of miracles”.
Леонид Якубович в пух и прах разнес собственное шоу «Поле чудес»

Capital show “Field of miracles” is, as you know, the Russian equivalent of the American game show “Wheel of fortune”, who decided to run while still on Soviet TV Vlad Leaves and Anatoly Lysenko. Premiere issue in October 1990, the First program of Central television of the USSR led Leaves, but in less than a year, the author decided to go into another project and the host has invited Leonid Yakubovich. Then not just remember the TV crew, known at the time the auctioneer and popular writer Yakubovich agreed immediately. But he still managed to persuade, and since November 1991, Leonid Abramovich – the irreplaceable host of the capital show.

Jakubowicz as a leading “Field of miracles” there are two statues of the prestigious television award TEFI – 1995 and 1999. The program still has a terrible popularity and still comes out on channel one every Friday night in Prime time.

Leonid Yakubovich relates to the transmission in which you guess the word, with irony and speaks of it quite sharply. So, in the Studio project, “Tonight”, this time dedicated to the dashing 90-m, Jakubowicz whether in jest, whether seriously named the capital-show “Field of miracles” goofy and idea – diagnosis. But at the same time remember not to the most educated participants.

Леонид Якубович в пух и прах разнес собственное шоу «Поле чудес»“The XXI century in the yard. Nine adults with education seriously in the eyes of the whole country, by letters guess the word. This diagnosis! I had the canonical case. The shadow of a genius touched on this, in General, not very sensible program. “The master and Margarita,” I say and begin to read the passage. Turn in front of me three pairs of glass eyes absolutely. Say: “You know who Bulgakov?” They told me “no”. But have you read “Master and Margarita”? They are again “no”. What could I ask them? What was the name of Margarita? More about. I rarely fall into a stupor, but then confused no joke,” – said Leonid Yakubovich.

However, the program watched by millions, among which is full of respectable people. For Example, Alla Pugacheva. This was told by her husband Maxim Galkin, who leads the transfer of “Tonight.” “At home we always watch “Field of dreams”, all 30 years! I’m not being ironic. I and Alla sit and guess. Moreover, Alla looks more carefully than I do. She guesses and guesses”, – said Maxim Galkin.