Ирина Салтыкова перестала скрывать роман с женатым олигархом The singer said that she was courted by wealthy suitors. So, Irina Saltykova been Dating a businessman who had other family. Now the artist believes those relationships are the best in my life.
Ирина Салтыкова перестала скрывать роман с женатым олигархом

Irina Saltykova was another guest of the programme “the Secret to a million.” Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the artist once again remembered in a bad marriage to Victor Saltykov. According to the singer, the husband was repeatedly violent towards her and also cheated on and showed indifference.

After a failed marriage Irina is a long time to recover. She refused to get a new boyfriend, but that all changed four years later after the divorce. Then the actress met with a very wealthy man who conquered her heart.

“I can’t call the man’s name, but he very nicely looked after. Gave flowers, huge bouquets, make surprises. He was very wealthy, kind, sympathetic person. We dated for six years, but he was married. With his wife long lived, but they didn’t divorce for the kids,” recalled the artist.

According to Irina, the relationship with the oligarch broke up because of stupidity. After that, she had only one serious romance. However the new fan is probably not appreciated Saltykov, and her fame and popularity. With this man, the star also dated for six years.

Was the singer and a brief relationship with businessman Alexander by Karmanovym. “I introduced him to Olga Orlova. Said she is his ideal bride. After they actually got married,” said Irina.

In the course of communication with Leroy Kudryavtseva artist revealed one more important detail of his personal life. As it turned out, the heart Saltykova proprietary. Now she’s Dating a man, whose name is also preferred not to be named.

“You know, I am in that age when you should not waste your time on trifles. I have a beloved person and I want to believe that it is those relationships that will last the rest of my life,” shared the actress.

Despite the incredible popularity and the title of a sex symbol, Irina was not accustomed to waste your time on short novels. She puts a joint photo with the elect, considering that it might spoil the romance that prevails in their relationships. On Instagram, the actress prefers to share work moments and photos with guests.

Now star dreams of simple female happiness. Fans Saltykova hope that after all of life’s challenges she will finally be able to fully enjoy the love of the perfect man.