Армен Джигарханян не смог сдержать слез от новой потери The actor spoke about his experiences. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan has lost a beloved cat, who died in the United States. Now the man has a new pet, but until he could replace his old friend.
Армен Джигарханян не смог сдержать слез от новой потери

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan very rarely gives interviews. After the scandalous story of Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, the man practically is not published. Recently, however, the theatre artist premiere “Skull of Connemara”. In honor of this event, the man decided to communicate to journalists.

He admitted that he does not build big creative plans for the future and satisfied with their current achievements. According to the actor, is a luxury at his age.

“I have no creative plans. I still have 82. What were the plans? Just want to live,” – said the actor.

Now Armen Borisovich has a hard time, because it needs to solve a lot of legal issues associated with the property. Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya recently made an official statement in which it reiterated its willingness to fight ex-husband in court.

However, a scandalous divorce, the man still refuses to comment.

And recently. had to deal with another personal tragedy. Favorite cat Armen Borisovich Phil died. Pet happy star master for 15 years.

“My new cat is not the same. The old cat was quite different. So we learned to understand each other, he had to be born with me. And he got me an adult man. I wanted to make a gift to friends. But it turned out that we found a cat. In the beginning was the feeling when I brought the cat that Phil first came to me. It turned out that no. I cried a lot because of this”, – said Dzhigarkhanyan.

Earlier Armen Borisovich repeatedly talked about the fact that the cat loves Phil. For 15 years, pet has become a true friend of the famous artist. The last few months of pet lived in the United States, in the house, which belongs to Dzhigarkhanyan.

Despite serious health problems, the man continues to work in the theater. He is often present at rehearsals and premieres. However, Armen Borisovich doesn’t want to participate in a television show and to meet with his ex-wife. According to “KP”, this topic is still forbidden for Dzhigarkhanyan. He hoped that soon the scandal will subside, and the man will be able to live in peace.