Leonid Yakubovich has put forward the children an ultimatum

Леонид Якубович выдвинул детям ультиматум TV presenter strictly belongs to the son and daughter. Jakubowicz has taught them one important rule: all the problems they decide. Family of Leonid Arkadievich follows the motto: “you Want – then can.”
Леонид Якубович выдвинул детям ультиматум

The popular favorite Leonid Yakubovich does not has a light disposition. Broadcaster with the rigor of raising children, from an early age teach the heirs to independence and responsibility. The star of the transfer “Field of dreams” explained what the rules are in his family.

Леонид Якубович выдвинул детям ультиматум “When my son first jumped with bungee, I didn’t tell him no. We have one slogan in the family: “I – can”. And I wanted to spit on everything I say to outsiders, including doctors. The son wanted to jump, I turned around and he did. But if my daughter said that will hang like that girl, maybe the first time in my life I would say no,” – said Leonid.
Леонид Якубович выдвинул детям ультиматум

The actor admitted that he always spoke to children as equals. Yakubovich encourages all parents refers to the child respectfully and to see him as an individual, and not a continuation of himself and his own ambitions.

“I called the Director. I called you a cool teacher. I every time explained: “I’m Sorry. He got two. What do you want from me? He – man. Walk and talk with him.” Exactly, I talked with my daughter,” – said TV presenter.

However, there are things that, according to the showman, he doesn’t understand. In particular, the presenter believes that women should not engage in some sports.

“A woman is a woman and a man a man. I do not insist, but I don’t understand. Don’t understand women’s Boxing, women’s post, fights without rules. Something curled up in this world, something happened. What I want a woman who will be with me fighting without rules in bed to arrange? And then, what I guy, if not be able to protect her?” concluded Yakubovich in an interview with “TV”.

According to Leonid Abramovich, he will never trust three things in his life: his wife, the car and the pilot’s seat.