The father of Kevin spacey was a Nazi and a rapist

Отец Кевина Спейси был нацистом и насильником

After the Star Trek star Anthony RAPP accused the 58-year-old Kevin spacey and pedophilia, emerged new details of the scandal. Brother of actor 62-year-old Randall Fowler decided to protect his brother, telling family secrets about their father. Randall spoke about the terrible childhood. Their father was a pedophile and a Nazi. It is not seldom raped older brother.

Отец Кевина Спейси был нацистом и насильником

Father Kevin and Randall, Thomas Joffrey joined the American Nazi party, when spacey Fowler and was quite small. He shaved his mustache to to be like Adolf Hitler, he began to regularly beat and rape of the eldest son. The father of the boys was very afraid that his wife knew what was happening, so didn’t touch Kevin. Older brother protected him, threatening to tell mom. About whether or not the father did not rape Kevin, nothing is known. The older sister of the boys, Julia, also suffered from the battering of his father and at age 18 ran away from home.

“Our house had a lot of darkness. The atmosphere was awful. Kevin tried to avoid everything which was hidden from all inside yourself and suppressing your emotions,” said flower. He said that everyone in the family called Joffrey a monster.

Отец Кевина Спейси был нацистом и насильником

No details, no cost, and Randall said the father called him into the bedroom to tell “about the birds and the bees”. “He undid my pants and started touching me. I shouted, mom came and knocked on the door. Turns out my dad locked it from the inside. Suddenly the knocking stopped. Mom is gone. I’ve never felt so abandoned. The father started to have sexual intercourse. It was just the beginning of my youth,” recalls older brother spacey. He said that further rape took place after the acquiescence of the mother.

The rape occurred four years, and each time were all rougher and longer. “Kevin had to survive in these conditions, he became very cunning and clever. I think he decided to become an actor, to get rid of the emotional pain experienced in childhood. With such parents we didn’t have a chance to turn out normal. I had four marriage ceremony and a lot of relationships, but I was not able to be happy,” shares Randall with journalists. he also said that Kevin had a normal relationship with her mother.

At the moment, the older brother of Kevin spacey works as a limo driver in Idaho, as well as an impressionist British singer rod Stewart, which is similar. He knowingly abandoned the children, did not want his father’s genes passed on to them. Kevin spacey takes the same view.

Charges Anthony RAPP has not been proven, but many fans believe that he could do so because of a childhood trauma. Despite this, Kevin has suffered from accusations. It leshili “Emmy”, and Netflix has announced the completion of the series “house of cards”.