Leonardo DiCaprio will play a serial killer

Леонардо Ди Каприо сыграет серийного убийцу

This will be the fifth film collaboration of Hollywood actor and Director Martin Scorsese.

Remember the movie “gangs of new York”, “Aviator”, “the Departed” and “shutter Island”? So, on the way, another brilliant painting. The most eligible bachelor of Hollywood will once again work with your favorite Director Martin Scorsese. However, this time he will get the role of freak millionaire aviation and the inspector of mental hospitals, and serijnogo maniac.

In the new film “the Devil in the white city” Leo will play the first serial killer in American history.

Photo: Getty Images

“The devil in the white city” – not that other, as an adaptation of the novel by Erik Larson. The plot of the book revolves around the events that happened at the world fair in Chicago in 1893. Then Henry Howard Holmes built a hotel in this city, which became a real nightmare for young women: after all, Holmes turned it into a real factory of torture and murder.

According to various sources, the hotel had been killed from 20 to 350 people.

“Right now we add the script. I’ve spent the last six months. The producers want me to start shooting in January, Scorsese told The Hollywood Reporter. — Besides, we DiCaprio became very close friends, we like to work together.”

We will remind, the film was supposed to start in 2010, but the Director agreed to get to work only six months ago, completing the other projects.