Darya Dontsova became a writer years

Дарья Донцова стала писателем года
Version VTSIOM: the author of ironical detectives gained the most votes of the Russians.

Darya Dontsova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Darya Dontsova became a writer. These are the findings of a survey
conducted by the Russian centre for public opinion studies (VTSIOM). This position
the writer is a fourth year in a row. This year the author of ironical
detectives got three percent of votes of Russians, ahead of his colleague Tatiana
Ustinov, who scored two percent. The best musician of the year was singer Philip Kirkorov, with 7 percent votes, second place (4%) took Grigory Leps, Alla Pugacheva, Sergey Lazarev and Nikolay Baskov.

In 2006-2010 have also been writer of the year five times
in a row according to the results of the poll.

Darya Dontsova has released a series of books, including novels, short stories, cooking
books and autobiographies. All works of the writer are divided into six cycles:
“A lover of private investigation Dasha Vasilyeva”, “evlampiya Romanova. The result
leads Amateur”, “viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions,” “the Gentleman
syska Ivan Podushkin”, “a Detective on a diet. Tatiana Sergeeva” and “Darling of fortune
Stepanida Kozlova”. Each cycle has its own main character, and they all have
similarities with the author.

The star was involved in scripting a TV series:
“Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation”, “evlampiya Romanova. The result
leads Amateur”, “viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions”, “Ivan
Podushkin. Gentleman detective”.
Since 2012, Daria is the host of a “Cheap and cheerful” to “First

the Daria in other genres: children’s and family literature.