Божену Рынску могут выдворить из страны за слова о жертвах крушения Ту-154 Internet users want to deprive the Explorer Russian citizenship. Bozena of Rynska was condemned by the public after sharply expressed in the address of the victims on Board the Tu-154 journalists from NTV.

      Божену Рынску могут выдворить из страны за слова о жертвах крушения Ту-154

      Internet users could not ignore the statements of the journalist and secular browser Bozena Rynska. We will remind that the day before the woman reacted to the tragedy with Tu-154. On his page in the social network Bozena gloated over the deaths of three journalists from NTV.

      Monday mourning: a day after the Tu-154 crash

      “The whole ensemble of the Alexandrov… all! There would be the whole Board NTV…. Well, why the musicians? Why a wonderful ensemble? Thank you God for a bonus in the form of the crew of Ntwork, but the rest-why?” – this post left Rynska, a few hours after news of the plane crash.

      The statement of the journalist has caused the disapproval of many people. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the words of a Bozena – “ugly acts of madness”. And NTV has hinted that such a reaction is a secular Explorer – it is diagnosed.

      On the website change.org has created a petition calling to deprive the Public of the Russian citizenship. At the moment for such an initiative receives more than 12,000 people. “It’s very disgusting!”, “Her act is vile and disgusting,” “Dancing on the corpses – this is outrageous! Urge to murder others is a crime”, “I Believe that such behavior is unacceptable,” “the Statement of this being contrary to the moral foundations of our society”, – so reacted to the words Ryńskie, and left their votes for the deprivation of its citizenship.

      Russian authorities are considering the online petitions in the case, if they gain a hundred thousand signatures on the portal “Russian public initiative”. After a particular document is in the analysis of the expert group, it can recommend to the state Duma.

      However, no action on the part of society do not stop Bozhenov. She continues to publish in the social network posts about the tragedy in a strange manner. “Let’s remember the lost crew. No one of them remembered. But really who honestly fulfilled their duty, so are they,” wrote Rynska. However, even in comments to other posts, the woman continues to be negative in the direction of the company NTV. “Them – a stake in the grave, and I insist on it. And the rest – Yes, rest in peace,” – said Bozena.