Lena Volatile: “Revizorro” I did not give, the program remains”

Лена Летучая: «Ревизорро» я не отдала, в программе остаюсь»

More recently she was the host of “Revizorro”, and now one in three persons. But the favorite child is not dropped.

From now on, Bat – producer of the channel “Friday!”, and the “Revizorro” is not just a programme of inspections, albeit controversial, attracting attention, and TV family, which included and “Revizorro show” and the new project, which Lena herself rejisserom, put it down and will launch in the fall. What he has not yet been reported. But what is not in doubt, it is the start of the program “Stroinski” to Fly as a leader. So fans do not worry – Lena on the left channel.

Although the hype about her replacement on the ex-soloist of group “Viagra” Olga Romanov does not abate. Lena does not hide the fact that it the attention of fans is nice, but she is also tired:

Two and a half years of fighting, all sorts of disputes, scandals… of Course, I had a hard time – admitted Volatile. For me now it does not matter who will be after me now – black, blonde or redhead, more importantly, to keep it socially significant. I’m sure it will. I their offspring did not give. There remain a producer. I admit, Olga Romanov as the leading not yet seen. But I will expose her and the shoulder and the shoulder support. Well, she was a soloist of Viagra. But spectacular on the screen.

In the project “Stroinski” is the new brainchild of Lena, nervous no longer have her, and her mentee, participating in the show. The fact that it’s built on passion. To achieve a good purpose – to get in shape and lose weight – the participants will be betting. And all for the main prize.

The creators promise to arrange the all-Russian battle. That as a fan of Spartacus challenges the fan of CSKA. Moreover, rates will rise. OLE-OLE, Lena!

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