Ksenia Borodina revealed the secret of recovery after childbirth

Ксения Бородина раскрыла секрет восстановления после родов TV presenter decided to share with everyone a special program to keep your body in good shape. Ksenia Borodina and Oksana Samoilova tried to consider all characteristics of the female body after giving birth to mommy as quickly as possible came in the form. Fans gladly accepted the initiative of celebrities.

      Ксения Бородина раскрыла секрет восстановления после родов

      Popular TV presenter Ksenia Borodina in late December became a mother for the second time. The celebrity gave birth to a charming girl Theon. But for Xenia motherhood was not the reason to relax and stop to watch her figure. On the contrary, Borodin was anxious to return to training after the doctors allowed physical exercise, TV presenter immediately went to the gym.

      For some time the leading reality show “Dom-2” has started to lift weights in the company of the wife of rapper Djigan Oksana Samoilova. It turned out that girls are not just spent time together, but also prepared a surprise for their fans. They have developed a program for restoration after childbirth.

      “For us moms, it is very important to look good, be attractive for yourself and your loved! After childbirth it is not easy to force yourself to get in shape, but we can help you with this! Please, do not believe in any miracle pills, or I advertise alleged slimming belt” – said Xenia to their subscribers.

      Fans often asked Xenia for advice on how to come into perfect shape after giving birth. They admired the hard work of celebrities, for whom she spared no effort in the gym. Now Borodin will be able to share their knowledge with everyone.

      Moreover, Ksenia told about all the advantages of the new developed technique. Especially Borodin stressed that sports can be at home, given that young moms don’t want to leave their children unattended. Besides, she promised to get in shape young mothers can absolutely without damage to health. The program will be based on the individual characteristics.

      “Developing the program, the specialists took into account all the peculiarities of the female body while breastfeeding and after! The complex includes a subscription tailored to your personal characteristics power supply system and training, which consists of painted to grams of diet that includes five meals, three times a week,” – said TV presenter.

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