Anastasia had an affair at work

Анастасия Волочкова закрутила роман на работе Famous ballerina recently debuted at the theater. She played the lead role in the play “a Man comes to a woman”. Fans of the star believe that she has now struck up a romantic relationship with actor Baguim said that the script of the play was the beloved ballerina.

      Анастасия Волочкова закрутила роман на работе

      The other day the premiere of the play “a man Came to the woman” with Anastasia Volochkova. The ballerina amazed the audience with revealing outfits of her character, and passionate embraces with a partner on the scene, said Mahovym. Particularly attentive fans of star noticed that colleagues in this production are almost never part in everyday life. In his microblog gorgeous blond very warmly about the actor.

      “Now here this “a man Came to the woman”! Said, I sincerely love you and thank you! You are huge!” – signed Volochkova one of the photos. Fans immediately began to suspect that the ballerina began a romantic relationship with a colleague at the scene.

      Bugs and Volochkova go to restaurants and for walks, and microblogging star is constantly updated with new photos with the actor. The actress claimed that Saeed is always ready to support her and to help in difficult times.

      “Knowing that I’m paying for my ballet rehearsal, my partner in this performance rushed to the theater to support me. Do not believe it! The sadness flew away, again I wear the shoes with joy and support was not only moral but also physical!” – Volochkova told his fans.

      Long hours of rehearsal before the premiere and rallied Anastasia said. The ballerina has openly admitted his feelings. “Yes, we love each other, I will not hide. We only live once: you need to be yourself. Yes, I had feelings for Sayid, and why not? I do believe that on the stage the partners should feel each other, only then they will be even better to play, and the audience even more to believe them. I have with many partners on the stage were a beautiful romantic relationship. And now the theater gave me a new appointment, and I am very happy,” shared the star.

      However, the representatives Volochkova told that we should not worry: the heart of Anastasia still freely, love with newly Barovym the only actress on the stage.

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