Лена Темникова уличила Ольгу Серябкину в лицемерии The singer has not been able to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend. After the revelations of Olga Seryabkina about how sad she was after the departure of a friend from the group, Temnikova tried to talk with the former colleague. But the soloist SEREBRO didn’t even say Hello to her.
Лена Темникова уличила Ольгу Серябкину в лицемерии

Elena Temnikova does not communicate with former colleagues in the group SEREBRO, since he left the team. She decided to start a solo career, but a few months continued to go on stage and even appear in videos in the group. Subsequent joint work was the video for the song “I won’t share you”, the words composed Olga Seryabkina. In this video, the girls play themselves impulsive, emotional, loving and simultaneously hating each other friends. The shooting took place in February 2014 and then Temnikova made a statement that he was leaving the group as soon as the contract expires at the end of the year. But winter didn’t wait and left the band with the scandal in may.

All these years Temnikova never talked with Maxim Fadeev nor Olga Seracini.

In mid-March, Olga wrote a great post in which he told how hard she was given the care of a friend as she worried, frankly told how in fact the shooting took place, during which the girls tried to solve their accumulated problems. Elena Temnikova and Olga Seryabkina stopped a three-year feud

“Exactly four years ago there was a clip of “I won’t share you”. When I wrote the words to the song, already knew that its release – start some changes. Not because of something or someone, but it should be. I understand it now… This clip inwardly I put a dot with someone you considered a friend. At the time of writing songs I thought that really anyone ever will not give it. On the set, it was exactly the opposite… it is important to say what I feel, to be honest. We all live in different periods. For metaphorical scenes in the video are the real situation. A slap in the face, for example. The mise-EN-scene by the window was filmed for two hours. …it was not a mise-EN-scene in the classical sense. We would tell each other everything, I couldn’t say. We fought, hugged, made a claim and did not believe each other. But, looking back, going forward. This was a real story the real us. The main thing that I felt was sorry for the disappointed me. But this I learned later. I wanted to tell you because I thought you would be interested. You may think that I miss writing this so nostalgic. It is not so. I’m glad it’s different. But I love and respect my every day SEREBRO and all that is connected with it,” wrote Olga Seryabkina.

Elena Temnikova responded to a report of a former girlfriend on his own. She decided that now is the time for reconciliation. The singer wanted to talk to Olga, approached her backstage at a common concert, but suddenly find themselves faced with indifference. According to Elena, Olga with her without even saying Hello. She told its subscribers live in Instagram.

“I go to her, smiling. We so rarely see each other. Well, how rare? Don’t meet at all. And then I meet in my address from Oli such an unpleasant look! I would say that she overacted. I walk and think: do you write posts like you miss and love, and when they met… Why is it so? But I believe it… People, I know how it really is. But I almost believe it. No one even said Hello. Disgusting! Is it so hard to at least say Hello?” – said Elena.

The majority of fans and Olga Seryabkina, and Elena Temnikova still hope that one day ex girlfriend to reconcile, and again sing together. “I am so fond of your friendship by watching…”, “You girls are amazing, energetic, and Lena was somehow cooler clips were sincere, and with her departure something missing in you”, “It would be very cool if you at least one song which they sang together,” fans wrote.