Алексей Глызин сознался в многочисленных изменах женам The singer was the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Alexei Glyzin openly talked about the reasons for parting with the first wife and cheated on the second. The popularity had a negative effect on the artist’s personal life, but now he tries to keep emotions under control.
Алексей Глызин сознался в многочисленных изменах женам

In the early 90s, Alexei Glyzin was considered one of the most popular artists. He had a whole army of fans ready to do anything to spend a night with the singer. In the program “the Secret to a million”, he admitted that the attention from the fans affected his relationship with their wives. With the first wife the man broke up due to a sudden love.

“There was this girl Jack, we met during filming. And I instantly fell in love. She had some incredible attractiveness, sexuality. At some point I realized that so can not continue and told about what is happening to his wife. It is, of course, terribly offended. After that for many years we did not communicate. And then, when in my life there was a second wife reconciled. Now I’m a frequent visitor at her house,” shared Glyzin.

Alex admits that mistakes in his personal life didn’t teach him anything. That is why Glyzin was systematically changed and the second wife, Sania. He stressed that it is because infidelity almost broke up his marriage. Wife even managed to apply for a divorce. However, the singer realized in time that he shouldn’t and decided by all means to save the relationship.

“He started to put pressure on the pity. Came to the threshold of the house, said that he had nose bleeding, fainting. But if the Alex to let in the house, he’s not leaving. Showered me with gifts, diamonds, and in the end I just couldn’t resist,” admitted Saniya.

The couple recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Now they are absolutely happy together. Glyzin admits that he had realized his mistakes, and so he tries not to hurt his beloved. A man does not get tired to admire the wisdom and femininity favorite, noting that he was very lucky.

“Only because of her wisdom and we managed to save the marriage. Saniya took me back, and I’m very grateful” – said the artist.

In the program “the Secret to a million,” the actor admitted that the main joy in his life are sons and grandson. Together with relatives Glyzin tries to spend all their free time. Despite a busy touring schedule, the artist always finds time to surprise your spouse with romantic dates and nice gifts.