Иван Стебунов готовится к свадьбе The actor hinted that he’ll become a father soon. Ivan stebunov made a Frank admission in the program “Once”. He said that building a house and going to get married, and hinted that he might soon to be born child.
Иван Стебунов готовится к свадьбе

Actor Ivan Stebunov on for two years, disappeared from the radar – he resigned from his native theater and went to Barnaul. But, as Ivan returned, and then, at the invitation of Galina Borisovny Volchek, recovered in the troupe of Sovremennik theatre, and began again to act in films.

Ivan admits that three years ago, has experienced a great personal crisis. Then some media appeared information that Stebunov abuses alcohol, and he was expelled for drunkenness. The actor himself says about that period of life with sadness, but no one blames. But there were rumors that the young man started drinking after failing to survive a divorce with actress Marina Alexandrova. They married in 2008 and they were called the perfect couple, but the marriage did not last three years.

“My angel turned away from me. He tired to save me. I was physically and emotionally not very good at the moment, at thirty-three. I absolutely disregard behaved, frivolous attitude to the choice of material and roles, in General, to everything. I am not prepared and did everything with his left foot. Honestly. And when I was ready to start talking seriously other people seriously talk to me just wasn’t interested. To yourself I have a claim as to what happened – no. I’ve earned” – Frank told Ivan.
Иван Стебунов готовится к свадьбе

Stebunov took himself in hand and went to work in youth theatre of Altai. There, according to the actor, he had a tiny apartment and the meager salary – about 20 thousand rubles. But he managed to recover and soon he called Mikhail Efremov and in the presence of Galina Volchek invited back to the theater. When he returned, Stebunov again got a job and met a new love – economist Yelena Vlasov with the appearance of a supermodel. Ivan himself says, the important thing is that his new girl is not an actress, and hints that it will soon become a father.

“Some people came into my life. We thank God, building a house, and hopefully soon in this house something else make a noise and runs,” admitted Stebunov.
Иван Стебунов готовится к свадьбе

The creators of the program of NTV “Once” caught Ivan Stebunova in the Studio, where the actor take all the measurements to sew him a suit for the wedding. When and where will take place the triumph Ivan kept secret, but the serious intentions does not hide. “The concept of “home” is not inoculated me from childhood. Mother and sister are Actresses, and we are all always late returning home. And in me the cult of the house was not awake the whole time. Just now I’m starting to understand it,” shared Stebunov.