Lena Lenina told about the consequences of romance with a tycoon

Лена Ленина рассказала о последствиях романа с олигархом The socialite told the fans about the pros of the relationship with billionaires. She also shared with followers the details of luxury leisure: gourmet food, VIP service and private jets – so spent time Lena Lenina Dating affluent men.

      Followers of Lena Lena on Instagram I know her passion for star parties, expensive restaurants, diamonds and branded clothes. A businesswoman often publishes photographs showing the details of a beautiful life. But the history of a personal nature flamboyant blonde spreads rarely.

      Making an exception for the sake of curious fans, Lenin still shared the experience with billionaires. She liked the new way of life and the blessings it received. A nice consequence of the connection with wealthy admirers have allowed celebrity to enjoy every day.

      Lena told that she was to travel by private jet, stay in the best five-star hotels and eat only in expensive restaurants.

      “The cost of the flight to Paris — fifty thousand euros, and my new friend used the plane as the other car: “I should take you to Prague? Buy yourself a new set of China.” In addition, the courtesy of the flight attendants on private boards so sharply contrasts with the usual manners of the flight attendants…” – said the woman.

      Beauty also admitted that serviced staff it was a pleasant surprise. If before the inspection documents delivered her a lot of trouble, at that time, the cars literally went after her. “You’re not in the queue, and to you, sitting in a chair in the VIP area, come unusually polite border guards or customs officers and very politely talk to you, as if apologizing for giving trouble to procure a passport from her purse”.

      Interestingly, the gifts of the oligarchs also found a secular lioness by surprise. Lenin said that felt like a real Queen in the world, receiving expensive gifts. According to the famous blonde, one of the most unexpected surprises was the acquisition of a lover of the land.

      “I remember another unusual for most people the sense — the purchase of the island. Mine bought two, wholesale, so to speak. Many of us bought the lipstick, car or apartment. But it’s nothing compared to buying part of the planet. When you realize that you now have is not your house, and almost their own country,” – shared Lena Woman.ru.