Media: Brad pitt “seriously” flirting with Sienna Miller

СМИ: Бред Питт «серьёзно» флиртует с Сиенной Миллер

Brad pitt recovered from the breakup with his wife Angelina Jolie. Hollywood actor convicted of “serious” flirting with a colleague Sienna Miller during the gala dinner devoted to the premiere of the tape “the Lost city of Z”.

Witnesses told the publication Page Six that the couple feel comfortable and relaxed at a restaurant near the ArcLight theater in Los Angeles, where they went in the company of friends.
Pitt and Miller “enjoyed the company of each other” and “talked all night”. Nonsense “was in high spirits”, in which his long time not seen due to certain life circumstances.
I must say that the rumors about their possible romance, has already managed to comment on the actress. Siena claimed that Brad pitt who produced the film, never appeared, and all the time she had met him only twice. As for their last meeting, their representatives have not yet commented on the information.
At the same time, insiders close to angelina Jolie claim that the actress has forbidden his children to call father or any other way to contact him.