48-year-old Evelina Bledans was struck by the chiseled figure in a bikini

48-летняя Эвелина Бледанс поразила точеной фигурой в бикини The actress showed perfect body. Evelina Bledans safely posing in a swimsuit. The star has nothing to hide from fans, her proportions are perfect and perfect forms can be the envy of a young girl.

      Actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans on April 5 celebrated the day of birth. The star turned 48 years old, but she has no intention to hide your age. Obviously, one of the most beautiful women in the Russian show-business is very pleased with himself and looks like.

      Evelina Bledans angered subscribers bare chest

      The actress loves to show off her perfectly shape and occasionally indulges fans with hot pictures. But on the eve Evelina Bledans seem to have outdone yourself. In the microblog star appeared a very bold photo, from which emanates the overt sexuality. Evelina Bledans imprinted on it in dark red velvet bikini, allowing to consider all the details of the luxurious figure of the actress. As it turned out, Bledans, which recently became the designer’s own clothing line, is now deliberating over how to sew swimwear velvet. The actress has decided to conduct a survey among the podeschi microblogging to find out whether there is a need for such things.

      But seeing the candid shot of Evelina Bledans, her fans, apparently, did not notice to them of the issue. They immediately began to admire the perfection of her form, complimenting the slim waist, flat belly and feminine chest.

      “Madonna!”, “Bledans=sex! Your appearance is exemplary, And is 48! What a beauty you are! Not every 20 this form”, “On the cover of a magazine.” “Such a cool figure!”, “A classy lady. Bastard from her beauty,” “Evelina, in my opinion, not a swimsuit, and makes your skin velvet”, “you Have a figure as 18 –year-old, cool!” – enthusiastically expressed the loyal fans of Evelina Bledans.

      It is worth Recalling that not so long ago, the beautiful actress has become even sexier than she was. Evelyn had surgery for breast augmentation, which, of course, only added sensuality to her character.

      Bledans admitted that a new bust made her incredibly happy, and now she wants to appear Nude in an erotic photo shoot for men’s magazine. “I was only in a swimsuit and have never shown anyone the chest. And now, I think the time has come. Actually, I said that will star Nude after 50 years,” said Evelina in one of the TV programs.