Mariah Carey parted ways with a young dancer

Мэрайя Кэри рассталась с молодым танцором The boyfriend singer was plagued by jealousy and in a big way spend money sweetheart. Mariah Carey did not want to put up with the habits of the second half and put an end to the affair with Bryan Tanaka. Despite the feelings of young people are unable to find a compromise and to negotiate.

      Tumultuous relationship between 48-year-old actress and 33-year-old dancer from her concert line-up Brian Tanaka lasted only five months. The initiator of parting was made by Mariah herself. According to the source, the reasons for this decision she had a few. A man recently very sharply reacted to the communication of the second half with her ex-husband and father of her children Nick cannon.

      Indeed, after a bad breakup at the end of 2016, Australian billionaire James Packer, the star reconnected with Nick, which greatly annoyed the boyfriend singer. In response, Brian began to openly flirt with other girls. The final chord of the separation was the appearance of Mariah on the ceremony Kid’s Choice Awards in the company of children and nick. This has led to loud scandal, after which the celebrity broke down and broke off relations.

      Another reason for the constant bickering became a big waste of the dancer, but not their funds. Brian did not hesitate provisions Alphonse: he constantly took money from his girlfriend, including on gifts for her. This did not suit Mariah, who used to be in the status of “wife of billionaire” because of past relationships. Fans supported the favorite social networks, assuring Mariah that she will find a decent man. The star herself parting has not commented on.

      Recall that the novel is Carey Tanaka began in November last year. According to rumors, that a close contact between the young people was the reason for the break with her fiancé James Parker. The relationship with the singer and dancer has developed very rapidly, and after a few weeks Brian has publicly confessed love of pop divas. In addition, he even sang for her a lap dance, jumping out of the cake at the party on the occasion of her birthday.

      “I from the very beginning to her feel I love her very much. We met in the mid-2000s: I was a young and immature person. Over time I grew up, and Cary has also changed. But I appreciate the fact that we can spend time together, enjoying each other’s company,” said Brian.