Lena Lenina revealed the secret relationship with the billionaire

Лена Ленина раскрыла тайную связь с миллиардером The entrepreneur rarely share with the public the details of his personal life, but she recently decided to make an exception. Lena Lenina told about how was the lover of influential and wealthy men. The one I gifted her branded clothes, diamond jewelry and cars.

      Businesswoman and socialite Lena Lenina recently made a Frank admission about his personal life. The woman told one of his admirers. As it turned out, several years ago, Lena met with the billionaire, whose name she chose not to call. The fateful encounter took place in Paris. According to Lena, she had lunch in one of the most expensive hotels in the city. This place and chose blond lover a future writer and his friends in politics.

      Apparently, Lena immediately liked the man. The first day we met, he gave her a ring with a diamond in one carat. Lenin was impressed by the generosity of her admirer, but his extraordinary mind. “My castle easily and in a love surrendered”, says the socialite.

      Later in a woman’s life was private jets, best five star hotels and the most exquisite dishes in expensive restaurants. New friend Lena easily spent 50 thousand euros, wanting to go from one point to another on the aircraft and also acquired the island. For Lena it was all a novelty.

      “What is most paradoxical is that billionaires do not enjoy the lion’s share of their wealth, and their palaces often enjoy staff, family members or a lover. I was a mistress… Handbag Hermes, Dior and Chanel, dresses Elie Saab, Vera Wang and Yves Saint Laurent, shoes Jimmy Choo, Louboutin and Prada overflowed my closet. Not to mention the huge diamonds, Swiss watches, cars and apartments. And now, years later, in their new home, a whole floor dedicated to clothes and accessories, I sometimes run into never wearing new shoes purchased at the time,” writes socialite in his new article.

      After some time it became clear that Lena’s choice was not free. Without much thought, he introduced her to their children-students. She wondered why such a wealthy and self-sufficient man cannot part with his wife, if the feelings faded. “I explained that the divorce of the billionaire case is too expensive, so all agree, and everyone lives their lives”, – said Lenin.

      However, in the relationship with a billionaire was not all rosy. Lena also talked about the disadvantages of affair with a wealthy and influential representative of the stronger sex. According to Lena, thinking about a possible child from a new friend, she felt a sense of fear, because children of rich people often are kidnapped to get a ransom.

      In addition, wealthy men, according to a businesswoman, constantly listening. Among those who wanted to know everything about the personal life of the billionaire, were part of his security service, security services and even the detectives of the competition. Therefore, Lenin always felt very uncomfortable, quoting the woman Woman.ru.