The former “Friends” star David Schwimmer announced the collapse of his marriage

Звезда «Друзей» Дэвид Швиммер заявил о крахе своего брака The actor and his fiancee Zoe Buckman appealed to the public. Spouses do not hide that they are experiencing difficulties in relationships. They said that the plan to disperse, in order to consider a future together.

      Recently it became known that the star of the show “Friends” David Schwimmer is experiencing relationship problems with his wife, photographer Zoe Buckman. Steam has openly stated that it intends to pause and disperse. Currently unknown, is whether for this divorce. David and Zoe plan to take a break to carefully consider the question of a possible final breakup and divorce. The couple also asked the public to respect their right to privacy.

      “With great love and respect each other, we decided to live separately until then, until you determine the future of our relationship. The main priority for us is, of course, the happiness of our daughter. We are asking fans to support and respect our right to privacy in this difficult period,” – said in an official statement the pair, which became available to Western journalists.

      We also add that David and Zoe met in 2007. Fateful meeting of the future spouses took place in London – that’s where the star of the show “Friends” once made a film “Run, fat boy, run.” At that time Backman was going through a very difficult period in my life. She was low on funds and worked part time as a waitress in one of the Nightclubs. A few months zoey agreed to move to the chosen one in Los Angeles, where David proposed to her.

      In the spring of 2010, the public learned about the engagement of lovers, but on the date of the planned wedding, they chose to remain silent. In the summer of the same year, Schwimmer and Buckman played a secret wedding. At a modest ceremony attended by only the closest newlyweds. Information about the triumph for a long time was kept secret from the press, only a few months later, the actor decided to talk about changes in their marital status.

      A year after David and Zoe decided to legalize their relationship, they made a second wedding. Her spouse invited about 200 guests, among whom was another former “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc. The lovers exchanged vows under the approving applause of family and friends.

      In may 2011 the couple had a daughter who decided to call Cleo. The actor adores his charming heiress.

      “It’s fantastic. Being a parent was very cool. Every day the daughter just makes me laugh to colic. And in General, to see how it grows and changes all the time – it’s very exciting,” admitted David Schwimmer.