Anisina has accused the former Director of the Dzhigurda in pathological lying

Анисина обвинила экс-директора Джигурды в патологической лжи Skater named Antonina Savrasovu greedy and arrogant. According to Marina Anisina those, the woman lied to her about Nikita Dzhigurda and managed to call the athlete mistress of the driver, Eugene, who’s working with them for many years.

      On Friday, April 7, Nikita Dzhigurda has promised to give a press-conference on which plans to tell the whole truth about the relationship with Marina Anisina those, as well as to explain why he traveled to the Donetsk people’s Republic.

      Secret meetings Dzhigurda and Anisina: what are you hiding from all former spouses

      In the last few weeks Antonina Savrasov, who once worked as the Director of the actor, began to talk to the press. However, at the moment she is not cooperating with Dzhigurda. However, the woman commented to journalists of the events in the life of a movie star and a figure skater, and also told the publications that no multi-million dollar probate Ludmila Bratash does not exist. Many were surprised by such statements by Antonina. Knowing that Savrasov is spreading false information, Marina Anisina have decided to clarify the situation.

      Skater issued a statement in two parts on the page in the social network, which she accused ex-Director Dzhigurda greed and arrogance.

      “In an interview, saying that people go blind when the stakes are money is she talking about yourself. With Savrasova-Abramova and my ex-husband did not communicate for almost 9 years, from the time when I was removed from our family, putting a lot of effort, as already 9 years ago Antonina hysterics, perpetrated scandals and intrigue behind our back, has always added fuel to the fire and put me against Yana Pavelkovskaya (former wife of Nikita)…

      She always was the way to cling to famous people and walk behind them a shadow, to live at their expense, very convenient, and even to erect himself to the status of “Director”. After the breakup with Tonya, she continued to call himself a Director Dzhigurda, which was no longer, however, as of today, she is positioned so, when no it this status did not give! Antonina and this time, literally clung to the Chair, even when he told her she didn’t need her help!” – posted by Marina.

      According to a skater, this time a woman wanted to earn money and promised to support her through the television. Anisina submits that Savrasov tried to embroil her and her husband, so as he told about his infidelities. In turn, says Marina, in these moments, Nikita heard from former Director of information that she has a rich boyfriend.

      “Antonina told me what insidious Jan Pavelkovskaya, and that she will not rest until reparations have been made the Chair for what he left for you… With nice talks with Jana, her mom and tells stories about what the army needs a million dollars for hard drugs, which was not there,” continued Marina.

      According to Anisina those, Savrasov go into someone else’s life because she is lonely and unhappy. Skater outraged that Antoninus insists on the absence of a will Ludmila Bratash. Besides, eks-the Director of the actor tried to find a dirt on the spouse to help Svetlana Abramova, sister of the dead girlfriend Dzhigurda.

      “Antonina once saw a movie does not own any information, just gives it fabricated the same false history of the PR where possible, tries to be “significant,” earning the slander… I’m so sorry this poor, lonely woman. It has long been smart people figured out, and she want all the fame! When I saw that Tonya writes that “to have sex with Nikita was not a problem”, then I felt really sorry for her,” – said Nikita.

      The athlete explained that this behavior is Savrasova of jealousy and greed. Members of the Marina advised her to forget the whole story and focus on the education of children. Some followers joked that soon the posts Dzhigurda and Anisina, you can create a whole book of revelations.