Led Zeppelin не получат компенсации за выигранный суд о плагиате

British rock band Led Zeppelin a month ago to defend their right to be called the authors of the song “Stairway to Heaven”. The court staff has filed the band Spirit, who claimed that the authors of the song Robert plant and Jimmy page borrowed the motive of their song “Taurus” and created his own hit, which for the past several decades pleases the ear of music lovers.

The trial was managed Led Zeppelin in 793 thousand dollars. Now, when the honor of the team defend, they require compensation for their expenses for legal fees. Representatives of the group stated that were outraged when they had to defend their case and the authorship of the songs in “mock trial”.

That’s just the amount they receive. Judge Gary Klausner concluded that the songwriters, the label and its associated companies are not entitled to legal fees and other expenses as a lawsuit for plagiarism brought against them, were not feigned, reports The Daily Mail.

It turns out that the only advantage that he received from this court the British rockers is the undeniable fact that the song “Stairway to Heaven” is an original.

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