Селин Дион призналась, Ванесса Паради заставила ее усомниться в себе

Singer Celine Dion, which for several decades is considered one of the strongest singers, admitted that he was once unsure of their abilities. The confidence of the performer in himself shaken, another singer and actress who is now better known as the former lover of johnny Depp – Vanessa Paradis.

“When I began my career in France, where thundering hit Vanessa “Joe le taxi” and felt unfashionable. I was skinny, not wearing the right style jeans and felt around Vanessa awkward and uncomfortable,” admitted the artist to journalists.

The popularity of Paradis in the late 80s was off the charts – many tried to be like a miniature French woman with an interesting voice. But Celine at that moment did not give up and decided for themselves that they are worthy not smaller heights, because began to work with her more diligently and eventually became a star in the Francophone world: “Since I believe in your success. Today a pretty good opinion of himself,” concluded the 48-year-old singer in an interview with Elle magazine.

Recall that Dion got a tattoo in memory of the deceased husband.


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