Певица Азиза тайно вышла замуж

Singer Aziza finally made something she could not for many years. the singer secretly got married. The wedding took place in nice and would go unnoticed if not for a friend of Aziza Nargiz Zakirova, which, in fact, announced this event.

On his page in Instagram Zakirova published a photo which shows the bride’s bouquet. It turned out Nargis was the lucky one who caught the coveted bouquet and according to folk belief soon Zakirova will again go under the crown.

Певица Азиза тайно вышла замуж

“How cleverly you left treasured bouquet))))))) And among the many lovely ladies catch it was awarded to me”, — was stated in the comments to the photo, which the singer was also accompanied by unambiguous tags #svadebnaya #aisaretai#epimetaphyseal💐#meanlooking#autobuyology #nice #france.

It is clear that husband of Aziza was a man named Rustam, and not Alexander Brodolin, with whom the singer recently broke up, and not going with him down the aisle.

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