Группу SEREBRO покидает солистка Полина Фаворская
In a popular project over the coming reshuffle.

Pauline Favorskaya

Fadeev in his Instagram said that the group SEREBRO leaves one of its participants, Pauline favorskaya.

The singer was in the group was in 2014.
The reason for her departure was the desire to devote himself to the study of meditative practices.
Fans have noticed that Pauline thinks a lot about life, writes a long “philosophical”
posts on various life themes. The key point in deciding
the cessation of creative activity was the visit of Pauline to Cambodia. There she
spent a lot of time studying the local way of life, philosophy, and immersed in

“This post is not just another
my philosophical exhaust – wrote Pauline. Is my very important statement.
I hope you will experience it to the heart, because I’m speaking now
it is to him. Our life is a long road, with incredible adventures
way. It is always unpredictable and, like, everything is clear and it is clear that, where, but
every time she brings you more unexpected turns or

so cool that you choose in what direction you continue to move.
Silver blood came into me as suddenly and impossibly as if I
said tomorrow I will fly into space. What I experienced at the moment when I heard
a voice on the phone who told me: “Pauline, we want you in the band
SEREBRO”? It is impossible to convey in words. Just tell you that at the moment
I was the happiest person in the Universe! And then came the realization that
really happened to me. I got probably the most hellish period of our
group. How I survived all the persecution from the fans, still don’t
imagine… But thanks to this, now I have little to unsettle and
to knock off course.

became very strong! Thank you for this! But I would have it all are unable to survive without
MY girls: Olya and Dasha, who have supported me and taught each
step! How to stand on the stage, how to give interviews and much more.
The first performances were like in the fog, I didn’t understand anything. But this
support helped me not to break down, and grow and become the person I am today
are. Then, standing confidently on the stage, began touring. Life on the road –
this is a separate topic for a post)) But, I will say one thing – we passed the fire,
water and copper pipes, for three thousand memories that are now carefully
stored in the form of photos and videos in our phones. Then came the time of parting
with Dascom. Letting people go is always difficult, but you have to understand that if life is so
all rigged, so it should be. And our office Katya. Bright,
lively, beautiful, and makes amazing pictures! Kate is different, it is made in
SEREBRO (to me) street, this homely mood! And it was very
cool, with it, our performances have become more separated and reckless, and I am sometimes not
was very glad, because I love very much sleep on tour. About Olya’s very hard for me
to write, because this man has given me so much… How much we spent nights
in conversation lying on the bed in hotel rooms? I can’t count. These
conversations will remain between us. Our dreams and secrets. I am very
want to have Oli all came to pass. She is incredible.
And now I want to tell you that I
a long time start to feel more likely at the end of may, what’s happening to me something
not the same. No, don’t think nothing, I
not pregnant and not sick! I guess it has affected me in Bali. I started
to feel that I need to change something in your life. At first I thought
the problem in the relationship, Nikita survived the worst period. But, more importantly
the word here is experienced. And I began again to delve into himself and find what it is
for such a “something” in my heart. And, having gone to Cambodia and doing every
day there are meditations, my heart opened and I understood. I want to know
yourself. To know your body and mind. Learn to listen to your heart always! Because
the heart is the only faithful guide, when you know how to use it!
I want to pass different practice! Want to India, Tibet, Peru! But in the group of this
impossible to do! 10 days of vacation per year. With these thoughts I drove
remaining vacation days, thinking how to say about this Maxim Alexandrovich.
Will he understand me? Feel? Gathered the courage to favourites, I
told him… I didn’t expect it to be so… I met this
understanding! He told me that it is very cool when at this age come
such thoughts. And said I should definitely do it. My insecurity
in their own thoughts quickly evaporated, and I realized that on the right track. Yes. I
leaving. As much as it pains sounds. But you, please support me. You are
imagine how hard that decision. Music is my life. But now I
I feel that we should do so. Damn, write, and tears are falling on the screen.
Everything now is going to finish! I want to say to all of you who supported me
my first day in the group SEREBRO, how much I love you and how you value every
of you! Your kind comments always give me strength and confidence that I
do the right thing. And I promise I will not disappear. I’ll be with you
continue delitsa their thoughts and ideas in all media channels! And
there is still a 2 month tour with me.”