Тимати рассказал про главный подарок своей жизни
The rapper has risked his life for the dream.

Photo: Instagram

For several years Timothy pleases fans of his incredibly beautiful photos on the background of the ocean. In the ocean — of course, on the Board. As it turned out, surfing was a dream rapper, he just had no idea how to approach it: to ride nowhere, once, and for serious occupation like not attracted. The scene is more important! But Timothy was lucky — he had great friends who understood what the languishing soul of the main star Blackstar.

“Patrick Suejzi and Keanu Reeves once left an indelible mark in my young mind, running in hire a film “On the crest of a wave,” said Timothy. — Can’t say why, but through the years I have carried the idea that one day I too vygreba on the legendary “spot” and stand at full height in the tube. Unfortunately, there was no place to ride, and not with anyone… Routine, business, meetings, concerts… If rest — then all sorts of trendy places, so to speak, that would “farm” to keep up. Not until the Surfing was. And here will of a case, or rather: on my birthday, my oldest friend Pasha said a strange phrase: in September, I’ll make you your most important gift. I thought he just didn’t have time to prepare, and told him that I precious his presence, not presents. But instead, I discovered in September blocked 10 days in your schedule and tickets paid hotel in Mauritius! On arrival I was met by friends who gave me 5 minutes to throw things in the room, put in a boat in predshtormovoy weather, taken under the shower to the point where there was no “foam”, or students, and there were two foot waves and the wind gave soft-Board and said, if you suddenly wash out on the reef, rowed in the left channel… the Rest, like in the movies (I, frankly, don’t understand a word). And again, if not broken off the first time for life, you’ll be riding. Stay next to us. Good luck! And all jumped into the waves…. Two hours later, I was pulled from the reef. I broke my knees, feet, back, hips and hands. But on the way ashore asked only one thing: how many morning departure? I tried a lot of different sports, but this one is something special for me. Every time the first — exciting, magical. This is the only time when you nothing to think, to disconnect from the routine and to follow his instincts in search of the perfect wave. The magic of the moment. The Magic Of The Ocean.”