Ирина Дубцова похвасталась невероятной удачей
Singer fishing caught a huge catfish.

Photo: Instagram

Irina Dubtsova hails from the city of Volgograd, and that means she knows firsthand what fishing. In the suburbs, where lives the singer, however, there is nothing like her beloved Volga river, but ponds and fish farms galore!

Once a month (or more frequently), the singer necessarily is located near her house, a fishing club and relaxes with a fishing rod in hand. This hobby, by the way, has become very fashionable among the “spring” of the public. On this lake you can meet the glamorous girls who take selfies with their freshly caught pike, carp or carp.

? #samasama ? #9kg #output

A post shared by Irina Dubtsova (@dubtsova_official) on Aug 27, 2017 at 7:51am PDT

But Dubtsova, of course, effectively stands out among all this ruble. She knows how to stick a worm to throw the bait, to strike, to get, and so on. Over the weekend, which despite the forecasts was rather warm, the singer caught a huge catfish. As much as 9 kg of weight! Photographed, of course, without this? Not posted — not there!

But then this catfish Irina fed the whole company of their girlfriends. However, I decided to relax and not to cook the fish itself — it was cooked in a fish restaurant nearby, where the girls went to celebrate unprecedented success Dubtsova in the fishing art.