Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью

September is not far off: it’s time to update your wardrobe and add to your image of stylish details. Below the images was relevant, SPLETNIK.RU reviewed shows of the season autumn/winter 2018/2019, has collected the main trends that are worth to pay attention, and asked a fashion expert to tell you that I definitely need to wear this fall.


Fear of a gloomy autumn this year just not worth it! Designers offered his own prescription to fight depression — and it’s bright neon colors. The stars is a new trend already had to taste: a added acid dyes to the closet early, than wait until the new season. So, Kim Kardashian walked around Miami in a tight lemon dress, Blake lively came to the premiere of the film in a bright green pantsuit. Bold neon accents fancy and Rita ora.

Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью Kim KardashianКожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью , Blake Lively,Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью Rita Ora

The combination of bright green with purple or screaming pink, before causing a feeling shamefaced nostalgia for the exuberant fashion of the 80s, now back on the rights of the owners. Such things are not only fashionable, but also practical — in the autumn twilight, you will definitely be seen!

Bicin Alexander, the fashion Director Aizel

Actual in this summer, neon glitter gives way: things Ultrabright shades — a must-have for the new season. Clothing and accessories do not have to be done in monocolor: one of the striking findings of this autumn — neon gradient. Choose between neon pink and carrot don’t have these shades, like others, can form winning combinations that will add juiciness gloomy autumn days.

Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью


Due to the cozy plaid blankets and trench coats Burberry print such default more associated with gloomy, rainy days, and therefore, somehow, the cell is always in demand in the autumn. The only difference is that this season, these clothes will give you not a fan of the classics, and the most advanced fashionistas.

The variety of options proposed by the designers, effectively complement the wardrobes, designed in a variety of styles: in addition to the usual red-black or brown cells in a fashion battle take a more daring combination, returns and half-forgotten “a goose pad”.

Animal print

Don’t have to be in the jungle to observe the fierce battle of the fauna. This fall the fight of snake with leopards and tigers, we will be able to monitor and in the Windows of trendy shops. Cat certainly dominated, but the reptile, a favorite last season, so just not going to give up.

To integrate a stylish print to your wardrobe can be completely different: actual this fall and dresses, animal colors, and outerwear. Restrained persons should look to the accessories or decorative elements. By the way, this trend is perfectly possible to combine with the fashion for neon — Tom Ford proved that the acid shades are perfect for animal prints.

Alexander Bichin

Leopard and Zebra again in the arena: animal print — another favorite autumn and winter season. He will give the autumn and Luke a playful mood. If the traditional parts of clothing (blouses, coats) and this print is already met, the unusual things, for example, pants, boots, painted leopard or Zebra will be a real premiere this season. In new unusual colors and stylish they form a tandem with the basic skirt in black or brown. Animal print does not have to match the natural coloration of the animal: for example, the red leopard can easily turn into a beige.

Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью


Of evening fashion silvery shades are moving in daily. Removing the wardrobe shimmering dresses with summer parties, you go to the futuristic jackets and trousers or skirts with a metallic sheen. Fresh look and accessories: boring all knit caps can be replaced by a silver cap.

Pleated skirt

Spring fashion pleated moves confidently into fall. Chanel couture collection was almost entirely built around such a feature, and the opinion of this eminent fashion house for sure can be trusted. Since the trends of this fall is very exotic, and clearly require some courage, pleated skirt is a lifesaver for all of you who want to venture out in her wardrobe revolution.

Alexander Bichin

Another detail of the outfit — a pleated skirt will make autumn look more feminine and romantic. However, in addition to classic combinations, you should pay attention to more daring: a pleated skirt can be worn with the bomber or biker jacket. Depending on color and length, pleated skirt would be appropriate in the office or at an informal meeting with colleagues or friends.

Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью

Leather coats

This fall you can Wake up your inner hero! Along with the fashion for the 90s and spectacles in the style of “the Matrix”, built back in the cult sisters Hadid and Jenner in the wardrobes of fashionistas bursts into another subject, which we all remember the movie Wachowski: black leather coats, like the Trinity. The image can be supplemented with leather skirts or trousers, keeping the whole kit in dark colours. Those who do not want to fall into the gloomy atmosphere of the fight with agent Smith, can pay attention to the style of the 70’s and choose leather coats in brown tones.


This season designers have decided to update one more rather old-fashioned item of clothing. From the stories about Victorian England Cape moved to the podium, and in various incarnations. Blanket coat can be an independent unit in the closet, becoming the main in the image, and may move to the background, playing the trim elements.

Alexander Bichin

Be warm and stylish at the same time this fall, will help the Cape. The cover can be three-dimensional in style oversize or, conversely, to emphasize the waist combined with belt. Cape current in both warm and cool colors, and may not overlap in color with shoes or a bag: today in fashion, unexpected colors. This stylish piece of wardrobe will look good with both dress and pants, so wear a Cape every day, not just the “special case”.

Кожаные куртки, костюмы в клетку, неоновые рубашки: что носить осенью

Sandy and brown shades

Calm color scheme goes well with the fading hues of autumn nature. Like cage, this trend won seems a lifetime place in the wardrobe for the cold season, but in 2018 the designers in unison sang the praises of these flowers. From the usual coats to corduroy suits and turtlenecks — warm colors brighten up cold days. These things can be based on the autumn wardrobe, collecting baseline images, and adding them more visible accessories.

Supporters of a creative approach to clothes will be where to roam this fall, and to unleash the imagination. Minimalism is clearly beginning to yield to the position of compound images with intricate prints and bold color combinations. With them on Board the ship are non-standard and accessories like hats-balaclavas. Principled supporters of the proverb “less is more” will have to make do with the classic cage and time-tested trench coat. And what are the things you are going to add to your fall wardrobe?