Leading the program “Let them talk” will soon become a father

Ведущий программы «Пусть говорят» скоро станет отцом

Leading the program “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov and Natalia shkuleva will soon become parents of their first child. So reports the website of the publication Starhit, the owner of which is the TV and Elle magazine, which features shkuleva, so that the veracity of the information there can be no doubt. The pregnancy is still unknown, but according to the forms of the beloved Andrew there is no doubt, very soon they will become parents.

Ведущий программы «Пусть говорят» скоро станет отцом

According to the source, Elle, there was a real reason for a possible departure of the beloved Manager of a leading “Let them talk” with the First channel, which is show. And the reason was maternity centres, which confirms the pregnancy of his wife.

To the editor of the magazine got exclusive photos of the couple on holiday in the famous Hotel Cala Di Volpe in Sardinia, which was a prominent position wife Malakhov. They confirmed serious pregnancy. As the couple spends a lot of time surrounded by friends and relatives, they do not intend to hide a special position. Rested they are not alone, but among many celebrities, in a list which included singer Philip Kirkorov and famous designers.

Detailed comments or statements about pregnancy Kulevoy, one of the pair is not disclosed. Close sources to the family Malakhov misleading, what an interesting position of the wife became the cause of contention leading to the First channel. The television executives were outraged by the request of Andrew about leaving on maternity leave to help take care of the baby. On this statement he replied that “this is not a nursery” and she must decide who he a leader or a babysitter? Of course, such a choice did not like the star. Moreover, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 256 TK, the father may take leave to care for a newborn. According to sources, the star resigned and the First channel is already looking for new candidates.

Malakhov does not give any official news about the departure or new position, but began to circulate rumors that Andrew is thinking to work on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The host decided not to hurry and to relax from years of working with his half in Sardinia.

The couple married in 2011, arranging a Grand wedding abroad. With his wife he has not only love relationships, but also work. Malakhov for 25 years has partnered with the New channel and long time worked as the host of the show “Let them talk”, which brought him popularity and praise for the presenters. It is headed by editors in the publication Starhit, and Natalia brand Director and publisher of ELLE in Russia. Both publications are part of Hearst Shkulev Media. The couple met at work.

Wish the couple happiness and your baby’s health that the information will soon appear on the light!