Кейт Мосс собралась родить ребенка от своего «вампира»
Model wants to become a mother.

Kate moss and Nikolai von Bismarck.


43-year-old Kate moss surprised
her friends, admitting to them that she wants to get pregnant again. The father of her unborn child should be
boyfriend actress Nikolai von Bismarck.

Kate, whose
14-year-old daughter Lila, from her ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hake, told his
friend that would like to become a mother. Although to formalize their
relationship with Nicholas model is going, it is hoped that this will help her
to take their relationship with Nicholas to a new level. Besides, her daughter Lila
already for a long time already asks his mother to give her a brother or sister.

Kate, who last year
completed finally, your divorce with Jamie Hinz, whose wife she was 4
years, frequently travels the world von Bismarck. At the same time, she argues that
she’s comfortable with him as with anyone else.

Recall: Nicholas — a real aristocrat. He is a descendant of the famous Chancellor Otto von
Bismarck. Friends jokingly called
Nicholas “vampire” — because as he claims, during his journey
on Africa he drank real blood. Though not human, and cow.

The model
to meet him last summer, and in July of 2016 Nicholas made Kate
offer — in romantic couples vacations in Venice. One time,
rumors, von Bismarck abused drugs and alcohol. But this year he
he underwent treatment and “detox” and now it is ready to be a father.