Leading “Good morning” on the First channel will become a mother for the third time

Ведущая «Доброго утра» на Первом канале станет мамой в третий раз
Olga Ushakova pregnant again.

Olga Ushakova

Photo: the First channel

One of the most charismatic leading First channel
Olga Ushakov said that the third time is going to become mum. Star “Good
in the morning” on the First channel having the baby in April, and this week she went to
maternity leave. “I want to share the joy: soon our family will be more, —
said Ushakov. Today was my final show in our winter Studio
before the decree. I will appear in the television station, but I think it’s time to call it a day!”.

A few months ago, Olga married
restaurateur Adam: we had a wedding in Cyprus. Before the celebration, the groom had
make friends with the two daughters of the presenter. The girls know that they will soon
will have another family member in late October.

“Girls want a sister. Junior even offered
paint the room in pink, buy pink things, just to be sure
the girl was born. We decided for himself that Paul don’t want to know. At ours
doctor has the envelope with the ultrasound results, but we have not yet opened,” — said

It is interesting that during her third pregnancy Ushakova is their way of life, a lot of sports and attend social events.

“Only this time, I have less
worried — after all, there are things that remain on the subcortex. Let’s say I already
do not go to doctors on every alarming occasion, not stand on the bed if
suddenly it seemed that the baby does not move for a long time. I remember the first pregnancy
I had a real paranoia on this topic is: just that — immediately ran to the doctor and
did CTG”, — said Ushakov
an interview with “OK!”.

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