Рома Зверь выиграл суд по делу о краже
Three years, the singer struggled for intellectual property.

Photo: Instagram

The leader of group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk won a lawsuit on protection of their intellectual property. Three years later, the singer was engaged in litigation with the movie companies “Tsentral partnership” and “amusement Park” due to illegal use of his song “southern night” in the trailer of the film “Prom”. However, the novel chose to use in their statements, the concept of theft.

“In the last hearing of the film company acknowledged the theft of intellectual property Roma the Beast, written in the official account in Instagram. After much argument, the 9th arbitration appeal court and the Court for intellectual rights, several times the unselected objective decision of the court of appeal, issued a decree, according to which Roma Beast, artist and author of the song “southern nights” receives monetary compensation from the defendants”.

According to the official website of the court in which the case, the novel was originally requested from the defendants compensation in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. Of these, 1 million 60 thousand is twice the size of the cost of the right of use of works (phonograms) and 440 thousand for moral damage.

Alas, the court did not grant this amount in full. In the end, with the “Central partnership” has collected 300 thousand roubles and expenses on state duty in the amount of 7399,8 rubles, and with “Luna Park” — 200 thousand roubles and expenses in the amount of 4933,2 rubles. From the Federal budget, singer will return to the state fee on the appeal in the amount of 11 thousand rubles.

The whole two months was given to the defendants to have appealed against the decision of the Arbitration court, the hearing of which was held in late November last year, but this was not done. So now the decision of the court comes into force.