Лянка Грыу показала «беременное» фото
The actress surprised fans.

Photo: Instagram

Lyanka Grau surprised fans when he published his photo with a very big belly. More recently, the actress boasted on Instagram with a thin waist, and now such a surprise!

“It was the eighth month of filming!”— intriguing actress has signed the.

Of course, after these words we can understand that not Lanka pregnant, and her character from the film, which starred the actress. But it often happens that the script of the film anticipates the events in the life of actors.

“You will go!”— immediately began to write fans Lance.

Alas, to the disappointment of fans, indeed, pregnant Grau only character and not the actress. Now Lenka starred in the film “Russian hills” for the First channel. The shooting took place in the town of Torzhok Tver region.

In fact, the actress has no plans to have a second child. And she has a good reason. She is afraid of a repetition of the experience. Only son of Maxime Grau will soon turn 7 years old. In 2 years the boy was diagnosed with “delayed development.” To cure the baby, the actress and her husband moved to America, because in Russia nobody give assurance that Maxim will be able to lead a full life. Every day the actress and her son went to class and the procedure, and then many hours worked and at home.

“I knew that everything would be okay, we’ll figure it out, after the treatment will be necessarily a good result, — said Leanca in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — Two months later, the son said his first word: “Give”. And the next day he said: “the Bee sat on the flower.” We have just the jaw has fallen off! I remember in detail how it happened: the son was sitting on my lap in front of us on the table was a bouquet in a vase, Max showed the finger at him and literally said these very words: “a Bee sat on a flower.” In 2016, max removed all diagnoses: he passed a big test, an official report confirmed that now everything is in order, the child is ready for school, he gets along well with peers and has own talents — he has a fantastic visual memory and aptitude for music”.

Now the boy is studying in a normal American school. For the sake of Lanka at the time, quit my job and career. “Son, dearer to me!”she said to employers. All treated with understanding. And, when she could withdraw, a job offer not long in coming.