Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова впервые показала младшую дочь A young mother shared the secret. As told Tregubova “StarHit” to care about the little girl helping her two grandmothers. Also supports her husband Oleksandr. He endured the mood swings of the beloved, when she was in position, and also was present at birth.
Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова впервые показала младшую дочь

Leading “Good morning” on “the First channel” January 30, became a mother for the third time. 34-year-old star and her husband Alexander was born a girl called nica. In addition to moms and dads the birth of the baby was waiting for her older brother and sister, 7-year-old Michael and 11-year-old Lisa. Star recognizes that with a growing family drastically changed her life. “Nike needs round the clock care, and older children should be led in school and in circles, says Tregubova. But I help two grandmothers – my mom and husband. Son and daughter are also ready to participate actively in the education of the sisters. They will need help when she’s a little stronger and grow up”.

Anastasia notes that in their family there is no place of jealousy between children.

“When I talked about the fact that we will have another member of the family, children reacted positively, as if I always knew that they would have someone else – confessed TV presenter. – Most of the emotions my mom: she is used to adult grandchildren, but there appeared little… Lisa reacted to my pregnancy more calmly she went through this when we were waiting for Misha. And son is very touching reacted, asking how my growing belly…Husband is also very helpful: he stoically endured my mood swings when I was pregnant. Was in the hospital with me during labor. And is now doing everything he can to make a young dad.”
Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова впервые показала младшую дочь

Anastasia has no plans to stay in the decree. “Recover and go on the air I want in March – says Nastya. – In may already to work: every year on may 9 on the First TV channel “Gala TV”. The leading part on different cities, and there are live broadcasts about how there celebrate the Day of victory. I last year worked in St. Petersburg, and this year also ready to go on air in these important and significant for the whole country day.”

Welcome back to “Dobermann” physical form Tregubova also decided not to delay.

Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова впервые показала младшую дочь“I need to lose 5 pounds recruited, says the star. – Hopefully this will help me “diet of a young mother”. To the child did not have colic and rashes, many products need to eliminate from your diet. For the first month for sure. So now we eat like this: morning cereal water snack — green or yellow Apple, sometimes fresh, sometimes baked in the oven. For lunch the soup on the third broth, chicken and steamed vegetables. Coffee, sweets, spicy and salty had to be abandoned. Drink a lot of water and green tea. And dream about a good steak, medium rare! Also started going for a massage, and soon, with a doctor’s permission, adding physical activity – such basic exercises like plank or a few sit-UPS”.
Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова впервые показала младшую дочь