Tatiana Arno quipped Ksenia Sobchak

Татьяна Арно подколола Ксению Собчак Blondes exchanged pleasantries in the press. At first Ksenia Sobchak spoke about how he started his career in Moscow, and then Tatiana Arno reminded the public about the participation of a longtime friend in the elections. Fans appreciated the humor of the presenters.

Recently in one of the glossy publications published extensive article Nikolay Uskov, dedicated to leading and official presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak. Well-known journalist told about the way teledive in the policy and cited several of its statements covering different periods of life.

Conversing with Uskov, Sobchak remembered early in his career. At the beginning of the two thousandth successor of the famous family moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow to study at MGIMO, faculty of international relations. Young Ksenia, who lived in a small rented apartment on Frunzenskaya embankment, dreamed of becoming a TV presenter.

“I realized that in that moment, my trump card is the name and a good story. I started going through the casting, in particular auditioned for “Billboard” with Tanya Arno on NTV and followed her to the finals. But chose her. I cried and thought to myself: “Who is that Busty bitch?!” Now, Tanya, remember these times and laugh. And then I was selected for a casting “Houses-2″. It was a good salary, fame,” – said Sobchak.

Journalists contacted Tatyana Arno, comment on revelation old friends. The blonde did not remain in debt and spoke in a joking manner. Tatiana reminded the public that her friend participate in the presidential elections.

“What wonderful details! I have no doubt that Ksenia fun, we laugh after the 18th of March”, – said the famous blonde.

Ksenia Sobchak and Tatiana Arno is not the first time arrange the ironic public battles. So, in 2013, they launched a competition for weight loss. According to the rules adopted by celebrities, Tatiana had to lose 10 pounds in a month. Otherwise, he would have to wash the car Sobchak in her swimsuit. Ksenia didn’t believe that the friend will be able to achieve such impressive results, so the successor of the famous names had to bring a familiar public apology.

In late may of that year, Sobchak released a video in which she sang “Argo” ensemble “Iberia” by changing it in the honor of family friend. Ksenia did not miss the chance once again to pry Tatiana. “It became twice easier you elephant” – with these words, the star commented on the weight loss colleagues. However, some decided that Sobchak and Arnaud deliberately made a public spat, wanting to attract attention and at the same time advertise tool for weight loss.

According to the materials of Tatler and Spletnik.ru.