Marina Fedunkiv accused of PR at the expense of Olga Buzova

Марину Федункив обвинили в пиаре за счет Ольги Бузовой The artist made a new parody of a TV presenter. Marina Fedunkiv recorded the song, whose title sounds like a hit Olga Buzova Wi-Fi. Users of the social network condemned the Joker, as it often copies the star of “House-2”.

Marina Fedunkiw has released a new song. The star of the series “Real boys” is actively developing its Instagram. She often puts funny videos, and also writes parodies of other stars. This time the attention of the Marina caught the clip of Olga Buzova Wi-Fi, which was played offender Jeremy Meeks. She decided to offer my version.

“On the day “Great Fps Intercessor” presenting a clip with the most beautiful criminals of the IR on the Perm edge to the song. “If you’re not a man, then of HI-FI”. I admit, I’m nervous, did not sleep all night, shmonali. I’m really looking forward to your feedback, comments and transfer”, announced Fedunkiw.

In the comments in the microblog Marina started a fierce discussion. Many netizens pounced on her with criticism, noting that she tries to “cash in” on the glory of the colleagues with TNT. In the picture at Fedunkiw red stripe the eye that follows the makeup Buzova from the new clip.

“I don’t understand what’s so funny at all. Degenerate you have to be to see something funny. Stupid wench decided to copy Buzova and all of haha broke” “Really too not anything personal. Just who else forgot to hypenate due Buzovoy”, “Everyone was waiting for the release of the video, waited, had seen enough and let his PR” – discussed post of umoristi followers.

Fedunkiw communicates with the audience. The artist decided to explain in the blog why often writes humorous videos. “I am pleased to hear that you like my work on TV. But then Instagram, I try myself in different areas and fields. And I repeat: it is normal that someone likes, and someone-no! I reasoned statements. But with you I am not interested to chat, as you do not even understand 10% of what I’m trying to convey to you,” said star.

Earlier Fedunkiw already parodied Olga Buzova. The TV does not react on the rollers, which remove her colleagues. Olga used to, that she has many fans and many haters. “Learned one important rule: you have to love myself for who I am! It is impossible to please everyone” – so says Olga, when she was bombarded by a barrage of criticism.