Laysan utiasheva gave your husband home

Ляйсан Утяшева отвезла мужа на родину Beautiful gymnast and TV presenter celebrated the anniversary of his grandfather in the family circle. He was 80 years old. Native Laysan live in Bashkortostan, where she arrived together with Pavel Volya.

      Ляйсан Утяшева отвезла мужа на родину

      Master of sports and TV presenter Laysan utiasheva immediately after the ceremony “Miss Russia-2016”, which was recently held in Barvikha Luxury Village, went together with her husband, a resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya, on its small native land — in village Raevsky of the Republic of Bashkortostan. There star celebrated the birthday of the grandfather of the gymnast Altamarea Kireeva, who turned 80 years old. The celebration took place in the narrow family circle.

      “My grandfather is 80 years old! Health, strength and many more! We all love you very much. Sorry, selfies do not know how! All family weekend” — shared Laysan in his microblog. In the photo, which was published in beauty Magazine, she captured, her husband Paul, Will, and grandpa and grandma Utyasheva — Altangerel and zubarzhat Kireeva.

      Subscribers stars relished a nice family photo. At the moment selfie close lyajsan Utyasheva scored over 66 thousand likes on Instagram. In the comments fans athletes wished grandpa good luck and happiness, and was glad her domestic idyll. “You”, “Cool”, “Wonderful family photo, from it emanates kindness and warmth”, “Nice to see you so happy. Grandfather of longevity and health”, “What a magical photo, much better than staged Studio”, “You are real, sincere and emotional. Kindness to all of you! Health, warmth and joy every second” — expressed the emotions of the fans of the athletes.

      Laysan utiasheva was born in a village Raevsky in 1985, in a modest family historian and librarian. In her veins the Bashkir, Tatar, Polish and Russian blood. When Laysan was a little girl, her parents moved to Volgograd, and grandparents still live in Bashkortostan.

      After utiasheva became known, she often began to invite their relatives to himself, to Moscow. And the TV presenter every year visiting relatives in Bashkortostan. Grandparents Laysan dote in her grandchildren — two-year-old Robert and Sophia. According to them, Pavel Volya tried to win the hand of Laysan few years, but the beauty could not be resolved. Altangerel and zubarzhat were not against the marriage of the granddaughter, especially because I was really waiting for the moment when she becomes a mother. Kireeva the couple also admitted to journalists that watch all broadcasts with the participation of Laysan and her husband.

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