Simple exercises that will help you to find yourself

Простые упражнения, которые помогут найти себя

Barbara Sher, author of “dare to Dream”, which was translated into 20 languages and occupies the first position in the bestseller list for 35 years, tells how, despite all the difficulties, to understand its purpose and be happy.

“Our dreams are as unique as fingerprints,” says Barbara Sher, motivational writer, which has already helped a million people find their destination.

The way Barbara was very difficult. She soon left with two children and seven years worked as a waitress. During these many years she has combined bringing up children, work in the restaurant and the pursuit of their desires.

But she passionately wanted to help people. The first book of Barbara’s is “dare to Dream” came out when she was 45 years old. And since then, cher has helped a huge number of people to find yourself and your path.

Read a few of Barbara’s tips that will help you to understand what you really want.

Work with meaning

“So you burned your work, you need to see a meaning in it. It’s not like they’re talking about magazines and Newspapers. This is your personal meaning. For example, my sister Kelly believes that the most important work is the work of the archive. And this for it makes sense. Of course, she respects the doctors and teachers, but believes that the deepest meaning of those who make history, because history is the Foundation,” writes Sher in the book “to Dream not harmfully”.

Think, and what professions for you personally meaningful?

Write out a list. The most important is to feel our belonging to something higher. Only if you will see the greatest value in what you do, you will be able to be happy.

To monitor the energy

“I always say this: pay attention to those actions that fill you with energy. Where to look, where to look for your calling. The world is very tricky: people are always craving different things. A friend of mine loves to dig in the machines. My other friend likes to study the laws and law. Me all these spheres are not completely filled with energy. I love to write and inspire people. For each person the world has prepared something of his own,” writes Barbara in the book “something to dream”.

Make a list of areas and cases, doing that you are filled with energy. After all, the ultimate purpose of everything we do, is not to find some mythical purpose, and feel good. And well we feel only when doing things that bring us a lot of energy. So, answer the following questions:

What gives you wings?

During any practice you lose track of time?

What would you do even for free?

What you are willing to read hundreds of books?

Scanners or divers?

In 1994 Barbara had introduced the division into scanners and divers. She even wrote a whole book “Refuse to choose”. Divers are those who are immersed in one thing with his head. Scanners are people who can’t stay on one thing. They need to constantly learn something new. They can be carried away by gaudí’s architecture, playing the banjo, to engage in the near future, filming, tours to Europe and so on. And they love to do it all at once!

World for scanners almost like a box with chocolates whenever they are asked to choose only one candy. Known scanners: Goethe, Aristotle, Mikhail Lomonosov, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci.

Remember that Mikhail Lomonosov. He was a writer, poet, physicist, chemist, geologist, naturalist, diplomat, and so on. And most importantly, that he always succeeded!

“Each of these people was a genius. I think the secret to their success is that they never have been forced to choose. They did what they wanted, and when wanted,” writes Barbara.

The scanners she gives simple advice: “Start small. Start immediately”. If you are drawn to something, do it immediately. Even if you will pay favorite activities for 15 minutes a day, in a few years you will achieve great results.

All three books by Barbara Sher – “keep Dreaming”, “dreamed” and “Refuse to choose” – will give you a complete answer about your destination.

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