Elena Kuletskaya complained of complications during pregnancy

Елена Кулецкая пожаловалась на осложнения во время беременности The model and her husband were incompatible with each other. Elena Kuletskaya has admitted that youth was scared of the risks that entails negative RH factor blood.

      Елена Кулецкая пожаловалась на осложнения во время беременности

      Top model, one of the most beautiful girls of our country and the ex of a famous artist Dima Bilan, Elena Kuletskaya, not so long ago declassified their pregnancies, already less than a month will become a mother.

      It seems that in the last stages of waiting for the child all alarms associated with an interesting situation and the condition of the unborn baby, left behind, and Elena Kuletskaya decided to tell his fans about the fears that plagued her at the beginning of pregnancy and before the onset of this beautiful women for each state. Top model and her baby’s father Stanislav Romanovsky were incompatible – Elena has a negative RH factor blood, and her husband positive. Every woman with a negative rhesus factor even from a young age knows that this circumstance can adversely affect pregnancy and the condition of the baby. Elena Kuletskaya has admitted that he was very frightened by the possibility of a rhesus-conflict, but the expectant mother, fortunately, fell into the hands of good doctors.

      “Stretching my belief from the Soviet fears about my negative RH factor (positive in all senses), the doctors dispelled immediately – shared in the microblog 33-year-old beauty. – Yes, we had more tests, but, girls, if someone like me in my youth intimidated prejudices, know that mom “-” dad “+” is not a problem in modern medicine! To find her husband’s blood group not necessarily”.

      In General, during pregnancy Elena Kuletskaya feels, apparently, not very bad, and leads a busy and active life. The model traveled with her husband to France, participated in photo shoots and managed to appear on TV in different talk shows.

      Top model decided to give birth in Moscow. First Elena considered countries such as France and the United States, however, realized that to be in such an important time away from loved ones will be very hard. Hence, the star opted for a prestigious perinatal centers in the suburbs. No fear of childbirth Kuletskaya does not feel. “It seems to me that during childbirth the most important thing is mental attitude, – talked in a recent interview with the expectant mother. – The kid will have to endure enormous stress, so I will try to keep calm, to give him less of the fear and negativity”.

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