Laysan utiasheva devoted husband touching clip

Лайсан Утяшева посвятила мужу трогательный клип Famous gymnast and TV presenter filmed a video for the song wife “Two”. All video was taken with the camera on the iPhone. The clip was so impressed Paul that he declared him the winner of the competition of Amateur works on his songs.

      Лайсан Утяшева посвятила мужу трогательный клип

      About two months ago Will Paul invited his fans to shoot a video for one of the songs included in the album “Thoughts and music. The CD was released in February and has become very popular among fans of the resident “Comedy club”.

      “In short, gentlemen Directors! Take my songs and make your wildest and craziest ideas, shoot friends, favorite cars, cool locations, strange images… I do not have to shoot! Not even the plan! I have these clips do not need! These clips need you!”, – so asked Will to participants of competition for best video for his track.

      Guys from different cities of Russia sent Paul your work or posting it on social networks. However, the most touching clip was the video made by Laysan utiasheva, the wife of the showman. Known TV presenter caught on camera iPhone video with the participation of Paul himself.

      In the clip, the song sounds “Two”. The main character of the video was, unwittingly, a popular humorist. The shooting took place in the United States in Los Angeles, where Paul went to concerts. In the tour of America he was accompanied by Rosie. Laying out the work Utyasheva in microblogging, Will couldn’t hide his overwhelming emotion.

      “I have a wife named Rosie. Filmed, so she us on the iPhone, and I had no idea that this film was being shot for the song “Two”. And then tells me that will take part in the contest of videos to my songs. That is to say, she won! Happy to publish this video, and want to say that in show business all bought and all through the bed! And to be honest, in the near future will present clips of other songs that took people across the country. Different, interesting, controversial, bold and soulful. Thank you to all!” – Paul wrote.

      Recall that Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya married since 2012. Four years of married life the couple never had any serious conflicts. They raise two children, three year old Robert and one-year-old Sophia. According to the presenter, she wanted to have at least another baby, as she dreams of a big family. The son and daughter of celebrities born in the U.S., as Utyasheva wanted to hide from prying eyes abroad. For a long time star parents showed photos of the heirs. However, when Robert was three years old, he appeared in Instagram moms in costume in the style of “Star wars”. Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva for the first time showed the son

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