Singer Gabriella smashed his head

Певица Габриэлла разбила голову Morning star began with an unpleasant incident. Gabriella saved the animal, at the risk of her own health. The singer was taken to the emergency room, where she sewed up the bleeding wound on his head.

      Певица Габриэлла разбила голову

      Brazilian Gabriella from the first minute on the show “the Voice” won the hearts of Russian viewers. The jury was not able to enjoy her splendid forms during the blind auditions, but the charisma of the singer Basta immediately felt that to her and turned around. The performer brilliantly behaved on the popular music competition, and now her career rapidly went up. Every day of the singer is painted literally on minutes. Today, however, all her plans were destroyed.

      With Gabrielle there was an unpleasant incident. Nothing boded trouble, while, due to the hot weather in Moscow, the cat star jumped onto the ledge of the window to enjoy the fresh air.

      “Gabriella came into the room and saw that her favorite animal ended up on the other side of the window. The cat stood on the ledge and at any moment could fall down. The singer rushed to save her, she grabbed the animal and started to climb with the cat in her arms back. However, this time Gabrielle did not notice the window frame and fell hard, says about what happened the representative stars Alice. – Out of my head gushing blood. Wife Gabrielle had to take her to the emergency room”.

      Fortunately, the hospital was able to get there fast. There Gabriella was examined by the doctors. They stitched up her wound, applied to the hurt place the ice and told me to stay till the end of the day at rest. Now the singer is already better. On the way home she took a selfie and told the fans about his misfortune.

      “Good morning, friends. Just got hit in the head. But it’s all okay – all sewed up,” shared Gabrielle with subscribers. “Poor Gabi”, “Get well soon”, “nothing serious, I Hope” – supported star fans and friends.

      Recall, Gabrielle began her solo career before “the Voice”. Unlike many other participants in the show, she managed to act even before the first persons of the state. So, the singer sang a duet with Sergei Mazaev at the new year reception in the Kremlin. And after reaching the final of the musical contest “New wave” star became known as Russian Beyonce.

      Once coming to our country, Gabriella immediately felt her touch, and then found his luck. Singer Gabriella fled with his family in Brazil,Yu.

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