Таня Терешина закрутила роман с другом Мити Фомина Joint trip to Portugal brought the singer and businessman. Tanya Tereshina no longer hide his feelings for the young man. Beloved appeared together at a public event.

      Таня Терешина закрутила роман с другом Мити Фомина

      Since then, as Tanya Tereshina parted with the civil husband Glory Nikitin last fall, the singer carefully concealed the details of his personal life. The star did not give the slightest hint of a new romance. However, this month, the singer went to Portugal, where, most likely, it was born a new feeling.

      Tanya rested in the company of his girlfriend, and Mitya Fomin, who for a long time was her colleague at the group “Hi-Fi”. That, in turn, brought along old friend Ruslan Goy, which is friends for a long time. Apparently, during the holidays Tanya was an opportunity to learn better businessman, which she also liked. Seems to trip a few.

      Back in Moscow, the young people continued their conversation. Moreover, Tereshina went in the company of a Goy at the after-party of the award RU.TV held in one of the capital’s most prestigious restaurants. The couple did not hide their feelings – Tanya and Ruslan were hugging and kissing right in the crowd of guests, not shy of the camera flash. Beloved has not yet commented on their relationship, however, numerous pictures Goy her feed on Instagram suggests that he really cares about star.

      Таня Терешина закрутила роман с другом Мити Фомина

      Recall that in Portugal the friends traveled a lot and saw different cities. It was not without provocation by Tereshinoy. Among the images with breathtaking views of the country star has published a photo, which caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. In the photo Tereshina kissing at the same time with two men – Mitya Fomin and Ruslan Goy.

      Such loose morals was like not all subscribers actress. Some just laughed at the expression of feelings of Tatiana. “It’s time to be together,” “When you married will go?” “Class! Happiness to you”, – they wrote in the comments.

      By the way, Tereshina admitted that nostalgia for the family life. Usually the star is trying to keep the brand and not to show that she’s hurt because of the breakup with the father of the daughter of ARIS Glory Nikitin. However, sometimes a singer might bring back feelings, and then she complains its subscribers in social networks on the fate. However, with the advent of Ruslan Goy, everything can change.

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